The Dine Aware Difference

  • Language

    Food allergy is like a language. Understanding how to ‘speak’ it makes communication easy with coworkers and guests.

  • Informed

    Staff can only communicate what they understand. Being able to understand a customer’s questions and requests leads to safe ordering decisions.

  • Trust

    The very first priority of a food allergy guest is trust. By being prepared and aware you inspire confidence and trust.

We speak foodservice so your teams can speak food allergy

We understand that your employees come from many different learning backgrounds so we've made the courses easy to understand, use foodservice concepts they are familiar with and emphasize repetition to reinforce memory.  

Demo Sections

  • 1

    Hello from Paula Cooper, Founder Dine Aware™

    • welcome

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    • language

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    • platform

  • 4


    • pricing

  • 5

    The Dine Aware Difference

    • how we're different

  • 6

    How We're Different

    • culture of awareness

    • prepared

    • automate

    • confident

  • 7


    • courses

  • 8

    What it all means

    • Overview

    • What it all Means

  • 9

    Golden Rules of Never

    • overview

    • Golden Rules of Never

  • 10

    Becoming a Dine Aware Superstar

    • overview

    • Becoming a Dine Aware Superstar

  • 11

    10 Big Questions

    • overview

    • 10 Big questions 1

    • 10 Big questions 2

  • 12

    Top 14 FAI

    • overview

    • Top 14 FAI

    • Top 4 FAIs Sample copy

  • 13

    Cross-Contact Prevention

    • overview

    • Cross-Contact Prevention 1.0

    • Cross-Contact Prevention 2.0

    • Cross-Contact Prevention 3.0

  • 14


    • overview

    • Communication 1.0

    • Communication 2.0

  • 15


    • more

  • 16

    A Final Message from Paula

    • final message

  • 17

    Dine Aware Downloads

    • Dine Aware™ Digital Downloads for Demos

What you will find in our demo

  • Audio. Most sections have a super short audio introduction by our founder (Paula Cooper). Give the sections a little time to load and they will play automatically. Or just click the play button if you are really anxious to hear what she has to say! We have also made each audio clip downloadable. So you can share it with the team if you think one or all of the messages need to be heard.

  • Short on time? No problem you can just use the navigation bar on the left to jump around to sections you need to get to right away or revisit. And of course, you don't need to complete it all in one go. Start and stop as many times as you like. The demo will be available to you for 15 days. If you get busy and need more time, no problem, just let us know and we can extend it.

  • Courses. When you get to the courses you will experience the videos exactly as your staff will see them. However, in certain sections we have used a combination of videos from certain job roles to give you a taste of some of the variation.

  • Quizzes. To save you some time we have not included any quizzes or the final test. If you would like a sample please just let us know.

  • Download. At the end of the demo you'll find a full downloadable brochure and some extra treats for you to use and share.

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